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After moving to Germantown, Tenn., you need to look for a new family dentist right away. Here are some of the things to consider when you are searching for a new dentist.

New Dentist Search 1: Is the Dentist Located Nearby?

You won’t want to drive for several hours to bring children to a dentist for an examination or an emergency procedure. It is easier to have a nearby dentist who is located in your neighborhood. This will make it simpler to schedule an appointment after your child has finished school for the day or when your child chips a tooth while playing sports.

New Dentist Search 2: Does the Dentist Care for Children?

If you have young children, then finding a pediatric dentist is a great idea. Pediatric dental facilities have an environment that is soothing for children so that they feel relaxed during procedures. In addition, the examination room will have smaller chairs and dental instruments, making it easier for a dentist to perform an examination, cleaning or surgery.

New Dentist Search 3: Is the Dentist Licensed In Your State?

You can check your state’s professional licensing agency to confirm that the dentist is licensed to practice in your state. This agency will also maintain a list of complaints about the dentist to help you make a decision about scheduling an appointment.

New Dentist Search 4: Talk to Your Current Family Dentist

Talk to your current family dentist about a recommendation for a new dentist in a different city. Many dentists work together, and they may meet each other at dental conferences. It is also possible that your dentist went to school with a dentist in the city that you are moving to. At some point, you should have your current dental office send your information to the new dentist’s office.

New Dentist Search 5: Contact Your Dental Insurance Provider

When you have dental insurance, you should check your provider’s website to determine if there are dentists in your region that accept the plan. This can help you to narrow your search for a dentist along with making routine visits and procedures more affordable.

New Dentist Search 6: Look at Professional Dental Association Websites

Most dentists belong to one or more professional dental associations, so you can look for these sites online. If a dentist belongs to these associations, then the professional’s name is likely listed on the websites along with information about the dentist’s education and training.

New Dentist Search 7: Convenient Office Hours

To make visiting a dentist easier, you should find a dental office that has convenient office hours. This will include having extended hours in the late afternoon or on Saturday mornings. With convenient hours, you won’t need to take a day off from work for a visit to the dentist.

New Dentist Search 8: Do You Like the Dental Office?

Make sure to visit the dentist’s office to check its atmosphere, keeping in mind the age of your children who will visit the facility. Check to see if there is a play area for young children who can’t sit still while waiting for an appointment. In addition, notice how many people are waiting for an appointment because some dental offices schedule too many patients at the same time.

New Dentist Search 9: Meet the Dentist for a Consultation

If you are choosing a family dentist, then arrange a consultation with the professional. Have a list of questions to ask to determine if the dentist is able to answer your questions and if the professional has a communication style that you enjoy.

Next up, learn about the pros and cons of dental insurance.